What is the overall RISE Run weekend schedule?

Here’s a general overview of what to expect at the RISE Run. Keep scrolling for even more details! 

Saturday, December 5th - Morning

- Registration/Check-In 

- Retreat 

Saturday, December 5th - Evening

- Rally 

Sunday, December 6th - All Day

- Run (Half Marathon starts at 7 am CST and 5K starts at 8 am CST)

- Recover (Our post-run celebration)

Where is RISE Run?

We are hosting our first ever RISE Run in San Marcos, TX. San Marcos is located just south of Austin, TX. Come join us for the Run and stay for an incredible weekend in the Texas Hill Country!

Which airport should I fly into?

Do I have to register to participate in RISE Run?

All runners are required to register prior to the Run. But if running is not your thing, come join our Cheer Squad or be a Volunteer. For more information, email readytorise@thehollisco.com

Do I have to be a runner to go to the Retreat or Rally?

Heck no friend! If you’re running and your cheer squad isn’t but they want to hit up that retreat with you, go for it. Y’all are welcome to buy tickets to whichever part of the weekend makes sense to you. (With every group there must be at least one runner. If you have guests, you will need to purchase a ticket for them.)

Do I need to be an experienced runner to sign up?

Absolutely not! RISE Run is all about celebrating the blessing of getting to move your body. No matter what shape, age, or stage you are at in your fitness journey. If walking is your jam or running is what fuels your soul, RISE Run is an all-fitness level community event. RISE Run is about becoming the best version of you, together.

How do I train for RISE Run?

There are a ton of resources online that will help you train for free but if you want our training schedule it’s included with your race ticket and will be sent out in June.

Are there limited tickets available?

To ensure every runner has the best experience, we have limited spots available for each route. So make sure you register today!

Are there military or first responder discounts?

All active duty members, veterans, military spouses, and first responders receive a 20% discount on their route of choice. Please email our Customer Service team at readytorise@thehollisco.com on how to receive that discount.

Are animals permitted during the Run?

Man, we love doggos too but for safety reasons we’re not allowed to have any dogs (or cats or birds or fish) on the route. The only exception being for service animals. 

What are staging groups?

Staging groups are assigned to make sure those who are at the same running level are grouped together at the starting line. During registration, there will be a spot for you to choose your estimated finishing time. If this is your first time running that distance, no worries, just make your best guess at where you are now.

Will the Run be timed?

RISE Run is not a competition and there will be no awards given for time or place. However, we know we have a lot of goal getters out there so your individual time will be tracked, recorded, and sent to you post race.

Will the run be cancelled if there’s bad weather?

We sure hope not, but will notify you immediately of any cancellation in the case of inclement weather. RISE Run officials will make a decision on whether or not to cancel/resume based on course and runner safety.

What is the route?

More information coming soon.

Where do I park?

More information coming soon.

Are there training plans available?

What hotels are available?

More information coming soon.

Is there a RISE Run Facebook Group?

Yes! The RISE Run Facebook group is a great way to connect with other participants and get training tips + encouragement. Join here! (Keep in mind, you will only be accepted with an email that matches your ticket purchase.)

What if I can't make it to the Run?

Unfortunately, if you are unable to attend, we are not able to ship medals or any other items related to your registration. All tickets are non-refundable / non-transferable. 

Where is the start and finish line?

What time does the run start?

  • Half Marathon will start at 7:00am 
  • 5k will start at 8:00am 
  • We recommend you arrive at least ONE HOUR before your start time.

Are there any age requirements for the run?

  • Half Marathon - Minimum age is 11 years old 
  • 5k - Minimum age is 5 years old 
  • All runners under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Can I run with a stroller?

Of course! All participants with a stroller will be grouped together as the last group to start. When you register, there will be an area to identify yourself as running with a stroller. If you're running with a stroller we suggest doing the 5K since 13 miles is a loooong way to push your babe!

What if I am an athlete that requires special accommodations?

Yesss! Everyone is included in our RISE Run community, and we are so excited to have you participate with us! When you register, there will be a place for you to give us some more details. Then as the Run gets closer, we will send you an email with everything you need to know.

Will there be restrooms and water available while I am running?

Yes! There will be potties at the start, the finish and every single mile will have water and bathrooms as well!

Where can my family + friends go to cheer for me?

We encourage all family and friends to come to the tun and cheer you on! Friends and family are welcome to be at the finish line to be there when you cross that finish line! Or they can head to downtown San Marcos to line the streets as you run through town.

Will there be medical services available during the run?

Yes, there will be medical services located at the start & finish line, as well as along the route.

Will there be gear check available?

Yes - we will have gear check available at the start line for all the things!

What is the Retreat?

The Retreat is our version of a runners expo only one trillion times better! Imagine a beautiful venue filled with health and wellness experiences all curated by us. Maybe it’s yoga and stretching classes, maybe it’s healthy cooking demos, maybe it’s a Girl, Wash Your Face clean beauty bar or a workout class from our upcoming app… the retreat is open all day on Saturday to give you a place to play, rest and glow up!

When is the Retreat?

Saturday December 5th in the morning/afternoon (times to be announced soon!)

Where is the Retreat?

Location announced soon. You can also register/check-in for the Run at this location as well.

How do I purchase a Retreat ticket?

To attend the Retreat, you will need to have already registered for the Run.When you select your route, you can add the Retreat has an add-on to your order. Or you can add it later through your Eventbrite profile.If you have any questions, please email readytorise@thehollisco.com

Can I bring my family/friends to the Retreat?

If you have guests, they are able to attend the Retreat with you, but you will need to purchase a ticket for them. You can do that through your current Eventbrite profile.If you have any questions, please email readytorise@thehollisco.com

What is the Rally?

Get pumped up for race day with Rach, Dave and some of their best friends! This is the event to fire you up -- think marching band, cheerleaders, community and motivational speeches to fill your spirit with encouragement. This event is all about setting the intention for your run and filling up your cup with encouragement so you can smash your 5k + Half Marathon. You won’t want to miss it!

When is the Rally?

Saturday December 5th in the evening (times to be announced soon!)

Where is the Rally?

Stay tuned, details will be coming soon!

How do I purchase a Rally ticket?

To attend the Rally, you will need to have already registered for the Run.When you select your route, you can add the Rally has an add-on to your order. Or you can add it later through your Eventbrite profile.If you have any questions, please email readytorise@thehollisco.com 

Can I bring my family/friends to the Rally?

  • If you have guests, they are able to attend the Retreat with you, but you will need to purchase a ticket for them. You can do that through your current Eventbrite profile. 
  • If you have any questions, please email readytorise@thehollisco.com 

What is a RISE Run VIP?

OK, real talk? Rach is a little boujee about VIP access at a run (she really likes the nicer bathrooms, the good parking, etc). Obviously, the run is still mega fun without VIP access but if you’re interested in treating yourself, the VIP package is for you! Here’s what it includes:

  • Retreat Ticket Included
  • Rally Ticket Included with front of line access
  • Princess Parking - which is a cute way of saying, you get to park right up front at the Start & Finish Line
  • Private Recovery area at the start & finish line - this is where the good bathrooms are
  • Discount on all Hollis Co and RISE Run exclusive product 

How do I upgrade to VIP?

  • When registering for your route, you can select the VIP Upgrade ticket as an add-on to your purchase. 
  • If you have already registered for your route, you can go back into your Eventbrite account and add the VIP Upgrade to your profile. 

How do I register?

You can register through our event page on Eventbrite. On the RISE Run homepage, select the “Register” button for the route you want to run, enter in all your information, and then you are good to go!

Can I add Retreat or Rally tickets to my registration later?

As long as there are tickets still available, you can login to your Eventbrite account to purchase additional tickets.

Can I transfer or cancel my registration?

All registration fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to participate for any reason, we will not be able to accommodate refunds or transfers.

Can I switch my distance before the Run?

You can switch distances as long as there are spots available for that distance! Please email readytorise@thehollisco.com to check on availability and for assistance!

Where will registration/check-in be held?

All runners are required to register/check-in on Saturday, December 5th at Embassy Suites Conference Center from 10a-5p. Here you will be able to grab your race bib and shop our RISE Run pop-up shop for exclusive product.

What do I need to bring to register/check-in?

Please bring your ID


We would love to answer any other questions you might have! Send us an email at readytorise@thehollisco.com.