Rachel's first new coaching in over a year!

Are you looking to level up your personal and professional life but aren’t sure which to prioritize or where to start? Check out this Life & Business Coaching Bundle!

Your business and personal life are intertwined, so if you want to level up, you need to set intentions for each that work in lockstep with the other. In these classes you will learn how to prioritize and set your 2021 personal and professional goals to maximize your time and build the most holistically productive year yet.

On January 1, 2021, the calendar year will turn, but the challenges we faced in 2020 will still be there. So it is up to us to challenge ourselves to make this year better than the last. Don’t leave 2021 to chance, you are in control of your perspective, your mindset, and your goals - and together, we’re going to go get them.

In this class, we will reflect on 2020 and walk through the basics of how to reset your awareness and set yourself up for a fantastic new year of goal-getting. If you are having a hard time, if you feel stuck, if you are searching for tactical tools to make traction against your goals, this is the class for you. We will take a quick look back at what 2020 has taught us and use that knowledge to create an actionable plan to become the best version of you in 2021. We’ll dive into how to set your annual goals, how to prioritize your goals by your core values, how to stay on course with habits and Rachel will give you some of her best tips for long term organization and time management.
What You Get:

  • Interactive 2-hour live event on 1/27/21(5pm CT)
  • Unlimited access to the recorded class after the live event
  • Workbook designed to apply to video lessons

This class is for the small business owners, the entrepreneur, the person who has a side hustle, a dream, or anything in between. This has been a challenging year for all businesses, learning to adapt to an unprecedented economic climate. But the future has always been unknown, it has always been unprecedented.  What is true for all businesses is that this has been a year of hard work and learning how to pivot. In order to keep the business afloat, retain staff , and especially keep your culture going, you have had to work HARD. 

This class is designed to give you the focus, tools, and inspiration to keep it going and build even better than yesterday, Let's build a plan and come up with the strategy to level up  your business. If you are looking for ways to grow your business in 2021 , this one’s for you.
What You Get:

  • Interactive 2-hour live event on 2/3/21(5pm CT)
  • Unlimited access to the recorded class after the live event
  • Workbook designed to apply to video lessons

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